Cindy Timphony, owner of Hobnobber Cafe and The Alexander Room & Terrace shares some valuable insight after more than 35 years of being in the hospitality industry. Today, we focus on learning about The Alexander & Terrace venue space, located in the heart of Metairie, Louisiana on the 3rd floor overlooking the city. It’s a...
Leah Berhanu of Pigeon Catering & New Orleans famous Board of Trade venue helps provide the rich history of both companies and how they’ve built the ultimate family culture in their businesses. Leah also opens up about how they’ve overcome challenges & pivoted the businesses at the right times.
An LSU graduate & Horticulture certified Katie Parrino-Guitreau shares her personal path that has led her to this one of kind piece of property. Learn this property’s history and how it’s transformed into one of Louisiana’s premier venue space for weddings & events. Garden Trees and trails is approximately 3 miles of pedestrian, recreational, and...
Interview with Lacey Guillot, of CrossFit Mandeville and Up21 Foundation board member, Megan Bremond. CFM hosting special fundraising workout on 3/21/21 to raise money for Up21 Foundation, a local non-profit providing resources for children with disabilities. Up21 Foundation also provides insight & needs for their premier fundraising event this September. Learn how to get involved!
The Hospitality Collection interviews Amanda Price, with Amanda Price Events. Listen to relevant updates/restrictions for our local industry, professional advice & tips of managing your business & clients, and takes you through a personal journey of how she came to this point in her career.
What is The Hospitality Collection and what do they do? What’s their vision of how to add value to thousands of our great hospitality industry leaders? This first episode lays the foundation by answering some of these basic questions and provides a vision of many things to come!

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